The Audi R18 e-tron On Public Roads Is A Future We Can Embrace

The auto industry is a changin'. The move towards efficiency and consumption means the next generation of supercars will be incredibly different than anything we've seen before. But if they look like the Audi R18, it'll be more than ok.


In order to launch the new livery of their latest Le Mans contender, Audi driver Tom Kristensen took the R18 from the center of town to the Le Mans circuit on public roads. Like seeing a BMW i8 on the road, the R18, while not road legal at all, is of the same futuristic vein.

Even with an R8 behind it, a car that is already at leading edge of futuristic car design, the R18 looks like it's decades ahead.

This year the R18 will face competition from Toyota and Porsche in the LMP1 class at Le Mans, making it the toughest field that they've seen in years. And maybe someday we'll see hyper-futuristic supercars like these traipsing about on the highways and byways of the world.


I can think of worse things.

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