The Atlantic went deep on the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back Obama-era fuel economy standards, and the resulting story is fantastic. Spoiler alert: some books got cooked, but actual experts still might prevail in the end. Go read it here.

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They get right to the reason for this:

Their collaboration was historic. Even as SUVs, crossovers, and pickups have gobbled up the new-car market, the rules have pushed the average fuel economy—the distance a vehicle can travel per gallon of gas—to record highs. They have saved Americans $500 billion at the pump

Reading the article you realize it is a glaring example of what is wrong with the Trump Administration. He took a process that worked extremely well and broke it, resulting in a proposed regulatory change based on bad math and science that will only benefit a few of the nations largest corporations.  At the same time it is expected to cost the taxpayers billions, clean air, and actual lives.