The Answer Is Always 'Send It'

Gif: lehmank (Instagram)

Racing driver Leh Keen has been building amazing Safari 911s for a while now, so he got a whole crew of lifted 911 owners together to do a fun road trip/off-pavement excursion called the Keen Project Appalachian Adventure. Of course, if you have a Safari Porsche 911 built for apocalypse duty, you know what to do: send it.


Big puddle? Splash it.

Dirt road? Drift it.

Bump ahead? It’s not shown here, but Keen’s prior trip across the grass at Virginia International Raceway shows that this car just ain’t care. Keen’s own license plate isn’t “SWT JMPS” for nothing.


In other news, I still need an off-road Porsche.

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MK6GTI-now with added Miata

I have very mixed feelings about off-road Porsches.

Edit: They’re cool. I think they’re cool. I just don’t think I’d build one myself.