The 911 2.7 Carrera RS Is Why We Have The GT3 Today

Seeing and hearing an original Porsche Carrera RS on the street is a rare experience anywhere, but especially in the U.S. where it was never sold officially. Here's a '73 beauty from sunny California.

Most Porsche fans consider the 2.7 RS to be the ultimate 911 money could buy, and they are spot on. Those 1,580 homologation specials are the last light, small bumper Porsches with enough power from that fantastic fuel-injected flat-six to head for the racetracks whenever you feel like.


While the ducktail, the wider fenders, the stiffened suspension and the bigger brakes came as standard with the 2.7, pretty much everything else stayed on the options list to keep the RS as light as possible. If that wasn't enough, the Sport Lightweight version went further with thin-gauge steel and thinner glass, saving an additional 220 lbs in the process.

Air-conditioning is highly overrated.

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