Illustration for article titled The 2015 Mini Cooper 4 Door Will Start At $22,300

The embiggened Mini Cooper that debuted last night is going to start at $22,300, or $500 for each extra door. Additionally, it will be sold as the Mini 4 door in the US and 5 door everywhere else, according to Mini's press releases.


This is highly confusing so I'll be the first to suggest that Mini just officially call it the "Embiggened Mini Cooper," which is a really good and not totally ridiculous idea. $1000 isn't too bad of a price hike for the extra utility you would theoretically get from having more doors and more length, but as always, the Mini is slightly more expensive than its competitors.


Say what you will about the paradox of a large Mini, but this car could certainly prove to be a hit, especially in America, where consumers often prefer as many doors as they can get. Let's just hope Mini takes my suggestion on renaming this car, which, is definitely not a totally absurd idea. Not at all.

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