The problem with most compact SUVs is that they look fake. The 2015 Jeep Renegade doesn't. It's a 4WD mini-ute that you won't be afraid to throw around a bit. Black plastics are cheap to replace.

Build by Fiat with 16 powertrain configurations to satisfy the whole globe, the Renegade is pretty much theFiat Panda 4x4's big Fiat 500L-based brother, equipped with a bunch of electric aids to let you go even further off the tarmac.

Utilitarian on the outside, funky on the inside with a removable top and six different engines. Looks like a real Jeep to me, especially since the build quality of the cars on display wasn't that convincing.

Instead of the diesels or the Twin Air wizardry, The US market will get it with either the 1.4 turbo with 160 horsepower and a six-speed manual or the 2.4 naturally aspirated petrol mated to a nine-speed automatic, both of which come with optional four-wheel drive. There are two systems available, one that uses front-wheel drive most of the time to improve fuel economy but can still send all the power to a given wheel if needed, and another geared for towing.


Still, what matters is the removable glass. That's freedom right there, from Italy with love.

If it would come down to this or the 500L as a versatile family car, it should be a no brainer.