The 2014 Chevy Impala Shows Off Its Rear Pillar

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Car enthusiasts have mostly ignored the Chevy Impala since its switch to FWD in 2000 and Americans fled to SUVs and crossovers years earlier, leaving the car a darling of no one but fleet operators. This first glimpse of the 2014 Chevy Impala's strong kink is the first evidence that there may be a reason to give the Impala, which debuts at the New York Auto Show next month, another look.


First, kink aside, let's break any belief you have that this new car will be RWD. It almost certainly won't be. Instead it'll probably ride on the same extended Epsilon II platform that underpins the Cadillac XTS. This is a FWD/AWD platform, which means the possibility of powering the rear wheels but only as it also powers the front ones.


GM is saying the new version will be more stylish and better handling in their press announcement.

"The new Impala further strengthens Chevrolet's passenger car lineup by giving consumers a full-size sedan that balances the desire for distinction with engaging driving dynamics," says Chevy marketing VP Chris Perry.

It'll be a nice change as there are few cars less distinct and engaging than a current generation Impala.

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Victorious Secret

Here is a passionate defence of the current Impala and a hopeful prayer for the next one...

The current one doesn't suck.

You actually can buy something worse. Don't know what it is, but given that I drove one for a few years it certainly wasn't the steaming pile of shit we all thought it is.

It lacked technology, it lacked a manual, shit it didn't even have a 5 speed auto much less a 6.

It was pointlessly massive and it seats were superb for long drives. It made no pretences about being sporty and that traction control button didn't do much more then turn on a orange light.

As a car it left much to be desired but it worked most of the time. Dirt cheap to keep going though at the time we probably should've gotten the Malibu for a better experience overall.

FWD is always shat upon but I think it is undeserved. This can still be Chevy's flagship sedan, which is what all signs point to it being, with FWD. They just needed to beef up everything else.

Chances are this will have 3.6 V6s on tap, and those aren't exactly bad engines. I highly doubt they will go into turbo 4s for something this big and heavy BUT BMW has thrown a turbo 4 into the 5 series and that seems to be working so who knows. AWD is probably what most people will buy anyways and it isn't like FWD based AWD units are bad (Ahem...Audi?).

It is the execution. The perfect package.

Good thing for GM that the current Impala set such a low bar that almost ANYTHING will be considered an improvement.