Earlier today, John Davis dropped by and dropped some knowledge on all y'all.

1. He owned a 1991 Mazda Miata.

2. He currently has a 2001 Mini Cooper and a 2004 Ford Ranger. That means he has a very Jalopnik car corral.

3. He hates the way people use fog lights these days. For the record, I do too.

4. He has a great sense of humor about himself.

5. He'd fight monkeys to own a Jaguar E-Type.

So yeah, here's a vid of the Scion FR-S, full of puns, catchphrases, and, ahem, creative use of the camera's zoom function. But I bet all of you watch it in a slightly different way, especially now knowing that John laments the loss of manual transmissions in new cars.

We'll take a turn back to tongue-in-cheek humor town tomorrow, don't worry.