Thanks to a Honda embargo, I can't tell you many details about the 2012 Civic line, including the new Si. But I can show you the unfinished commercials a Honda dealer threw up on YouTube touting the Si's 201 hp.

The too-cute ninja in non-threatening chase scenario — still lacking some key CGI shots — will get filled out by a cast of other "characters" in Honda's ads, including a zombie and a hybrid-owning woodsman, to highlight how the Honda Civic is the preferred ride for those circus freaks and society's disenfranchised who can still qualify for a car loan.


The woodsman ad also lets slip the fuel economy numbers of the 2012 Civic hybrid: 44 miles per gallon in both city and highway driving, up from 40/43 in the current model but still a few ticks shy of the Toyota Prius. Both ads also throw in a few glimpses of the new Civic's interior. Check back tomorrow for the real story.

UPDATE: And the clips have been yanked, at least so they can add in the video game the ninjaette was playing.

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