The 1990 Peugeot 205 Has Got The Look... The Look Of Love!

What's the ticket to success when marketing the aging Peugeot 205? Why, take an 8-year-old pop song and make a special edition of your car named after the song, that's what! Such was the idea behind the '90 205 Look, and this Italian-market ad was no doubt instrumental in moving literally dozens of them off the showroom floors.


Rob Emslie

@UDMan: Here you go:

A 205 a 205

What more beautiful conveyance is there to drive

Its athletic lines at rear conjoin

And stir deep feelings within my loins

I frequently go to the garage and stare

And while away the hours, without a care

At the gleaming headlamps, the grill, the hood

And think with lust that I shall, that I should

Have coital congress in front of my adored

And relieve this pressure from my flesh sword

A 205! A 205!

Who knew a Peugeot could make me feel so alive

And so I position myself in place

And anoint her mouth, her eyes, her face

Then to her hatch, a twist of her trunk key

Once more I set forth to spanking the monkey

Both front and rear I have spent my seed

My weapon of choice is no longer in need

My Peugeot is blessed with my fusillade hail

I'll see her again, once I get out of jail