In the late 1980s and early 1990s, manufacturers weren't putting ugly plastic covers on top of their engines. That's what is so lovely about the Taurus SHO: You're allowed to see the unequal length tuned intake runners. They really catch the eye.

At 6.7 seconds to 60, MotorWeek says that the Taurus SHO is actually twice as fast as any previous Taurus. 14 seconds to 60 sounds a little crazy to us. And as we're shown in the patented MotorWeek "let's shift all the gears while the car is sitting still" shot, the Taurus has a precise shifter with longish throws.


But enough of my bibble babble, watch the Taurus dominate Ford's proving grounds in Michigan. This is one sedan that must be too much of a hot rod for Maryland.

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