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By 1988, Pontiac had pretty much perfected its mid-engined Fiero. Not that it mattered, since by '88 car buyers were over the plastic-bodied Fiero in a big way, and the company dropped it. Of course, while some would argue the words "perfected" and "Fiero" shouldn't share a galaxy, let alone the same sentence, we agree with one Canadian car collector that the last model year (1988) brought together all the features that finally made the Fiero a decent sports car. Like previous years it had GM's first metal-alloy space frame, which provided stability while keeping weight down, and a decent 2.8-liter V6 (starting in 1985), but it also finally had a decent front suspension (not the Chevette-inspired travesty it had previously), and no recalls. Sure, laugh it up now. But when these puppies are going for five figures at Barrett-Jackson, you'll regret it.

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