The 1960s Russian WaterCar Swims For Communism, DIY Glory

Comrades! Come! Feast eyes upon transportative, strong-like-bull mystery of technological advancement! Venture forth on sea of brutish excellence, spreading glorious tale of Mother Russia to world and fishes! Water is but extension of Soviet land of function!

Details slimmer than Siberian famine wench, but single-cylinder (Ural?) motobeecycle engine provide motative transport purpose. Instrumentation fortified with extra clockwork, more durable than great mountain of Carcassus. Steering wheel precision hark back to great days of Gagarin and Chief Designer, Builder of Integral! Corrugate cover very suited to temperatic moderation, depending on wishes of waterborne operative. Tasteful scarf-rug seatshirt include free of charge.

For additional information, call Crazy Vladic House of SwimCar in Kirov — he make deal where deal is none, or three rubles on table plus fish for trouble! (Hat tip to Michael!)

[English Russia]

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