Oh, so you tore off the cardboard flaps from a carton of beer and spent 59 cents on some glitter, did you? I hope you're red-faced after hearing this Halloweener spent over $1,000 and 250 hours on his costume.

YouTube user "DrWormsie" broke the costs down for his costume:

Sheet metal, aircraft aluminum, and other parts: $600.
Rivets, bolts, hardware: $250.
Tool purchases/rentals: $200.
Spraypaint: $90.
Truck rental to carry costume: $210
Hours: 250+.
Looking like you could take down a tank: priceless.


That's one committed chap. I wonder where he went for Halloween? It certainly befits some sort of carpark mecha rave. If he just went down to his local pub I'm going to weep into my comedy Halloween afro wig. [Reddit via Boing Boing]

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