That's just silly. So since I can't play the guitar I can't rock out to Van Halen? I can't imagine that everyone who reads this blog can rebuild a Shovelhead engine. But I'm a writer and I appreciate good writing; I'm an eater and I appreciate free Papa John's pizza. I enjoy a double-entendre as much as the next Corvette aficionado. I have no problem being a neophyte; it gives me a curve to get up.

So - if you want to school me, leave a comment on my post about what I missed (feel free to suggest things less OBVIOUS, @Novaload Is Just Plain Novaload Again, since I guess you saw that "Sound of Music" reference coming from a mile away). I'll give this a do-over and see if round two meets with your approval. You comment - constructively, without sexism - and I will step up and meet the challenge. But: If you're unwilling to give a car newbie a few tips, then you have no right to complain that she has no clue what she's doing.

It's up to you - put the pedal to the metal and we'll see where we end up.

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Right on. I know a lot more about cars than a lot of the people who post here (I'm not bragging about it, it's just true) and some of the people who write / edit this site, and when I read what was posted, I was just kinda sick to my stomach.

So this is my letter to Ray Wert: You shouldn't have put that one up and you owe that woman a sincere apology. This is the reason I unfollowed you on twitter, I unfollowed Jalopnik on twitter, and now I'm going to stop reading all together. I thought I'd seen you be about as classless as possible when you tweeted endlessly about the 30 seconds or so that you had on CNBC (honestly, what are you, 13?) But when I read your useless slam against this woman who posted a fairly harmless article, man, that was about as low as it goes.

As a car lover, it offends me and it pisses me off because YOU, the man who works so hard to be a self promoter and another big fish in the auto press sea, you become the person that people think of when I tell them that I'm a gear head. When you do something so stereotypically arrogant and close-minded as to assail someone in that manner, you make ME look bad, and it is something that I take personally.

At such a crucial time in history when we who are truly "obsessed with the cult of cars" need to look our best and remind the world that we are passionate, thinking, creative individuals, you set us all back a notch with flippant, brainless comments like that.

Jalopnik readers: Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Road and Track, they all have great sites going right now. Autoblog is the best.

And to Ms. Sklar: GOOD JOB.