Iā€™m strongly opposed to buying cars as investments to be stashed away in some vault and never driven. I also recognize the realities of the market, and the fact that this incredible era of modern performance could command a lot of coin in 10 years when all new cars are autonomous three-cylinder hybrid pods.

Thatā€™s our question for the day: What new car will be worth a ton of money in a decade or so?

Iā€™ll get the obvious one out of the way first and nominate either of the Dodge Hellcats. They have everything: a strong following, fairly limited production, lunatic levels of power, and the kind of crazy gigantic old-school engines that are probably on the way out as the world goes greener. Theyā€™ll be as sought-after at auctions and classic shows as the Buick Grand National GNX is today.

What new car will be worth a lot of cash in years to come?