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That's A Toyota Prius Race Car On Fire

Illustration for article titled Thats A Toyota Prius Race Car On Fire

Not happy with the Volt getting all the burning-hybrid headlines, the new Toyota Prius race car caught fire on Sunday during Super GT testing in Okayama, Japan.


According to Super GT's press release, the fire was caused by "wiring problems." The team's blog said overflowing gasoline caught fire and that the driver had "surprisingly minor injuries."

At least Toyota can relax knowing this Prius racer, sporting a mid-mounted V6 and rear-wheel drive, has almost nothing to do with the street cars you see clogging up the Whole Foods parking lot.


(Hat tip to: Xander Crews, Proud of BOXER!)

Photo Credit: JONSIBAL

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Overflowing gasoline is a "wiring problem"?!?! Damn I must be using the wrong kind of wire. Screw oxygen-free copper, I want hydrocarbon-impregnated copper!

All this hype about the dangers of electric cars... If gasoline was invented today there's no way everyone would be allowed to pump their own gas. You'd probably have to be qualified just like if you want to fill a propane tank nowadays. If you drive a propane-powered vehicle and want to fill it youself, you must get certified to fill automotive propane tanks.

"Please tell me this doesn't run on gas! Gas explodes, you know!"