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That's a Shooting Brake: BMW Refreshes the 1-Series

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This image was lost some time after publication.

We'll let you in on a little secret. Our favorite all-time BMW? No, not the ubiquitous-choice E39 M5. Rather, the almighty last generation M Coupe. Holy hell that is a sweet ride. Styled so that those who got it, got it; and if you didn't get it, well, bad stuff on you (see Spinelli — I can be urbane). Plus it had 315hp, wheels wider than your butt and weighed three-ounces. We mention this because those wacky Bavarians are reconfiguring the 1-Series and even though us Yanks will never see it, they are offering a shooting brake variant. Those of the Davey "Jerk" Johnson persuasion might twist up your faces and yell "Hatchback!" But I argue that anything with the rear-wheels driven and just three doors is sport wagon cum shooting brake. Especially the much rumored 300hp 135TI. BM to the W — can't we get a taste of this sweet candy?


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As someone who daily-drives a Z3 Coupe, I just came in here to say "Huzzah!" to Johnny.

Clearly, one either "gets" the styling, or they don't.

Frankly, to anyone who says its "ugly", I say:

Yes, that's the point. Now get off your mommy's lap before you wet your pants.

'Round my house we alternate between "the Clown Shoe" or "the Angry Chipmunk", but I try to reserve the latter for the rare sighting of Renault R5 Turbos, which are similarly ugly in a "I'll kick your ass little girl" sort of way.