Have You Ever Lied To A Cop Pulling You Over?

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I'm sorry officer, I really didn't know how fast I was going. I'm sorry officer, but my wife is having a baby. I'm sorry officer, but I'm a CIA agent responding to a top secret international security breach.


You always think that you could just tell a white lie and get out of a ticket. Regular ticket-receiver Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire shared one of his favorite not-quite-truths when our own Jason Torchinsky found out that saying he was an autojournalist didn't get him out of a speeding fine.

You NEVER tell a cop you're a journalist. When driving a press car you always say you work for the manufacturer as a development driver required to do nothing but put miles on cars 15 hours a day for "fuel economy reasons" and if you get a ticket you lose your job. Auto journalist makes cops jealous. Being stuck driving a fuel economy route on repeat will make them sympathetic.

Have you ever told a cop giving you a ticket something that wasn't exactly true? Dd it get you out of the ticket? Feel free to sign up for a burner account if you're afraid of some possible repercussions in your answer.

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Ha, it's been a while since I got stopped speeding, but I learned a long time ago that the best lie is the one where you overestimate the speed by a couple. "Yes, officer, I know I was going 74. Really sorry about that, but I was running kind of late and was just trying to make up some time." will result in "Well, I clocked you at 72" which is sometimes followed by either "thanks for being up front, slow it down, have a nice day" or "how about I write you for 65/55 and call it a day?".

Then there was the time I had the bright idea to do a 2500 rpm launch and full throttle pull through second gear in a 35 mph zone (in my defense, it was a divided boulevard and 11PM)...right past a cop. When he came up to the car, he was quite annoyed and expecting to find someone half my age driving like that. "Sorry, officer, was just being a jackass there for a moment on my way home. I really do know better." worked like charm.

Cops are trained to be lie detectors and chances are have already heard whatever lie you are prepared to tell. Lying has ALWAYS resulted in a ticket. Telling the truth, or even slightly embellishing, has worked out about 3-1 in my favor.