Are you checking out any car events this weekend? Races, Cars & Coffee, Drive-Ins, or what have you, drop your pictures here. Hopefully it’s not as wet as the Charlotte, North Carolina Cars & Coffee.

Full disclosure: I woke up later than planned and got to the Charlotte Cars & Coffee just as the rain started. It was definitely the weakest turnout yet, but I got to see some awesome Coopers, so that was cool.

Cat and mouse:

Old squad:

New squad:

Yup. And that’s it. There were more, including a pair of pretty 911 twins and the usual Camaros, Jeeps, and misc. Japanese groupies. A lot of people stuck around to watch the drivers awkwardly jog to their cars and slowly exit, like a really slow-motion rat-race start off.


I was let down waiting over a month for today, but I know you all won’t disappoint me.