Cops Called After Tesla Model S Owners 'Put A Child In The Trunk'

Police waited at the home of a family after someone called in seeing the parents “put a child in the trunk” of the car — someone who clearly wasn’t aware that the Tesla Model S can be equipped with a third row of seats for children.

I stumbled upon this video after comments veteran and Twitter tweeter @_McMike_ tweeted it.


With what little context we have, it seems the family were coming home from shopping, and startled some good samaritan enough to phone the cops when they put their child in the back row seating of their Tesla Model S.

When they arrived home, the cops were waiting to investigate what sort of dangerous activity was at play when they discovered the magical-innovative-machine that is the Model S and its nifty rear-facing third row.

I see why the cops were called, I guess. Putting kids in the trunk is always going to look a little funny.

Also, what a fantastic surveillance set up these people have - we’ve got audio from the car, video from the car, and video from the house. They know what’s up.

Glad to see the everyone involved act so calm about it. The more reason everyone should have a Tesla. Right? Right..?

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That reminds me of family members I have who lives on the East Coast. They have been driving their E-Class wagon for over 5 years and never knew there were rear facing seats in the trunk. They have kids.

Just goes to show that most people don’t really consider these jumpseats (or whatever they’re called) to be a possibility.

I only knew, because when I was growing up my parents had a much older E wagon.