Meet the brand new Ferrari California T. As in turbo. A 560 horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbo to be exact!

Known as 'Project 149 M' until recently, the new California T is based on the current one's platform but comes with turbo power, something we haven't seen from Ferrari since the F40 came out in 1987. Expect it to sound something like this.

Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show next month with two launch colors 'Rosso California' and 'Blue California', Ferrari promises 49% more torque with a peak output of 556 ft-lb and a fuel consumption down by 15% thanks to the boosted engine. The horsepower figure has climbed up by 70 to 560 at 7,500 rpm.


The engine comes with direct injection, twin-scroll turbines for sharp throttle response and a three-piece cast exhaust manifold to sound like a proper Ferrari should.

The new California also gets the latest generation magnetic suspension, upgraded springs and Ferrari's third-generation carbon-ceramic braking system.


As far as gadgets go, the California T gets a large touchscreen and the 'Turbo Performance Engineer' gauge between the two air vents on the central console to keep former Saab Turbo owners happy.

But do you like the F12 Berlinetta styling clues or would you rather get this with a hood scoop like on the California you can buy right now?

For more, head over to Ferrari's microsite.