This Guy Rolled His Honda Fit Seven Times And Walked Away

If I were to roll a car seven times, I can't say I would want to be in a Honda Fit. The thing is, this guy's Fit held up remarkably well when that happened to him, and he even managed to catch the ordeal on his dash camera Russian-style.

This wreck occurred in Alabama in late December but was only recently brought to our attention. The OP seems to indicate that there had been some roadwork on a previous day, and that coupled with the rain caused the Fit to spin out and then flip a bunch of times. The video's pretty scary to watch.

But, in a testament to just how good modern small cars are, he walked away from it — and he says he plans to buy another Fit. I hope for his sake that the next one will stay right side up.


Hat tip to Paulo!

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That poor Honda is definitely not fit to be on the road again.