What The Hell Is Going On With This Weird Minivan Appendage?

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One of our loyal, sexy readers was heading into work this morning, listening (probably) to the audiobook of the Chilton’s AMC Hornet/Pacer/Gremlin repair manual, when they saw this, um, minivan. With a small addition. Now I just want to know WTF is going on with this.


The van is a first-gen Toyota Sienna minivan, the automotive equivalent of a lone, slightly undercooked fishstick on a paper plate. However, this Sienna has transcended the realm of forgettable into enigmatic thanks to the large triangular addition to the roof.

What’s going on? Does the owner of this minivan have a spouse that prefers to stand? Can they not imagine driving without a grandfather clock? Is it an aero thing? Is the car used as a skateboard ramp? Is it transporting a colossal doorstop for use at some zeppelin hangar? Is that thing a holder for a massively-upsized version of one of those sandwiches you get out of a vending machine?


I’m baffled, so I’d love to hear your guesses. We could be seeing the future right here, and I want to be ready.

(thanks, Jason Holmes!)

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That one is easy. the towing setup on back shows a class III hitch. he probably tows a trailer a lot and that is a redneck “airfoil” to hopefully give him some gas mileage back when towing. Sadly it won’t because towing anything large with a under powered dodge caravan is a very bad idea.

Or, he is an illegal baby giraffe smuggler.