What Automotive Myth Do You Wish Were True?

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Cars sit in that wonderful sweet spot of being both extremely common and also complex enough that they generate a nice ecosystem of mythology around them. And there's plenty of great car myths around — Chevy Vegas had washing machine motors, VTEC is something that can kick in, yo, and overdrive is like a turbo boost. So which one would you want to be true?


So if we're sticking with the myths that we wish were reality, I think the idea that somehow, putting 'race gas' or any form of super high-octane gas will magically turn even your 75 HP '82 Accord into an instant track monster. The idea of a magical fluid you can pump into any shitbox and make it a screamer is just too appealing to ignore.


So what about you kooks? What bit of automotive fiction do you wish were real?

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sm70- why not Duesenberg?

That German cars are reliable.