Thanks to the internet and, according to the Boomer-age unpaid intern we have helping me find morning Blip images in our basement pile of documents, Millennials, physical car brochures are almost gone. That’s a shame, because some were once amazing, like this flip-brochure for the Volkswagen Type 3 Karmann Ghia 1500.

Little flaps would cover or expose parts—like here, where the woman is looking lovestruck at her, um, travel-bird, you can flip a page to make it so the rear seat is up, and it’s a human kid holding the bird:


I really love that rig they made to show luggage and seating positions and engine position, too. Damn, that’s some good packaging.

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Ash78, voting early and often

That’s not a pet bird, that’s an early emissions detection device.

They had them all the way through Dieselgate, when the birds were all rounded up and quietly eliminated.