Th!nk City Car Reviewed By Top Gear-Mocking Coffee Shop Vikings

The 2+2 Th!nk City has been on the market since 2008 with about 100 total units sold. Made in Norway, it only seemed natural the non-existent Norwegian Top Gear would take it for a spin.

In all actuality, this entertaining clip was put together by the guys over at as a humorous response to Top Gear's controversial Tesla Roadster review. This time it involves hooning a Th!nk across an ice-covered expanse.


A classic from the video:

The the narrator, Greg Pope asked: Is it possible to have sex in this car?

"It would be very capable of having sex in this car, if you would like to do so," says test driver, Børre; "but being that all the walls are filled with windows giving nice view and also creating a very open atmosphere, you will be spotted. but the space is there so dooo whatever you want to doooo."

'Nuff said.



Rob Emslie

I once drove a car, or should I say, it once drove me...

It had lots of room, who would th!nk that was good? norwegians would

It ran out of juice and began to drive like a slug,

So I looked around and I noticed there wasn't a plug.

I called triple A, biding the hour, waiting for power

It charged until two, and then he said, "You can go ahead"

I drove for a while, and kept it under the limit.

But one hundred miles was all the th!nk had in it

And so I found out, I was far from home, this car could not roam

So I hitched a ride, who'd take me out of this hood? norwegians would