As a society, we have agreed to call cars powered by electricity "electric cars." When James Franco starts talking about the "electronic" BMW i3, that's the first sign that he's talking out of his ass.

Though some may not be big fans of the slightly frumpy i3, I like the idea of a mass-market, carbon fiber city runabout. What I don't like is when carmakers feel a need to stamp Hollywood faces on their eco-cars.

I remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was all over the news for buying a Prius and then getting the first Fisker. Never made me like either of the cars.

It certainly doesn't help me appreciate what is a genuinely interesting engineering feat for one of the world's last independent car manufacturers when I hear the guy from that Spider Man movie saying it's "world changing," "spacious in there, but not so big that you'll have problems parking" and, "just cool."