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Texas Says The Playboy Marfa Statue Really Is Illegal And Has To Go

Illustration for article titled Texas Says The Playboy Marfa Statue Really Is Illegal And Has To Go

Few people in the small West Texas town of Marfa are happy with Playboy Marfa, the roadside attraction that features a 1972 Dodge Charger on a block next to the iconic bunny logo. Now the state says it has to go. Will anyone miss it?


Plenty of residents were rankled by Playboy Marfa, not only because it's kind of dumb looking — I confirmed this when I took a 2013 Dodge Charger out there — but because it's essentially an advertisement, having been commissioned directly by Playboy to "reinvigorate" their brand in this age of free and widely available Internet porn.


The problem is, Playboy didn't get a permit to put it up as an advertisement, causing the Texas Department of Transportation to declare it illegal. They ordered the statue taken down by Aug. 5, but then Playboy seemingly convinced TXDOT to let it stand.

That's not the case, reports Texas Monthly. They say TXDOT has reaffirmed their original stance that the statue is advertising and not art, and they have ordered it removed by Oct. 20 or they will refer the case to the Texas Attorney General's office.

So maybe Playboy Marfa's days really are numbered. Having seen it in person, I can't say I'll miss it all that much.


Hat tip to Muffin!

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Michael Prichinello

I disagree. I think it's interesting. It's tasteful and why would a bunch of jalopers turn down an art installation that features a classic Charger?

The world is too hung up on permits and permission. Would the town rather another, boring, one dimensional billboard for a crappy local hamburger joint?

Remember, Marfa also has the Prada store art installation... and not much else. If I lived there, I'd be supportive of the art movement.

I shall now drive to Marfa and bow down to the Playboy/Neville Wakefield electric altar of sex and automobiles. You guys can have fun at church.