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Texas Motor Speedway Is A Giant Slip'N Slide

Screencap via Andretti Autosport
Screencap via Andretti Autosport

It can get pretty boring during a lengthy rain delay, especially at an oval where you’re not just delayed for the rain, but delayed to dry the track off as well. Fortunately, some of the Andretti Autosport crew members discovered that the grass turns into one giant Slip’N Slide when it’s wet.


Humidity at the track isn’t as bad as it was yesterday when the race was initially scheduled. Hopefully if there is a long enough break in the storms today, they will be able to dry the track in time to run the rest of the race.


The race was red flagged after 71 laps when rain started to fall, as IndyCar does not run on ovals in the wet. James Hinchcliffe was in the lead.

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Ash78, voting early and often

This reminds me of the time Montoya did the slip & slide and crashed right into that palm tree at the end. That was epic.