Texas A&M Player ‘Driving On No Sleep’ Killed In Overnight Car Crash

Texas A&M freshman football player Polo Manukainiu was driving to Texas yesterday from Utah. He Tweeted that he was doing it on no sleep. His car reportedly crashed outside Albuquerque, NM overnight and he was killed.

Details are scarce right now, but what we do know is that Manukainiu was on his way back from Utah. He was supposedly with four friends in the car. As the drive began, he tweeted this:


Overnight, his car crashed north of Albuquerque. MyFoxDFW reports that along with Manukainiu, two friends were also killed. Two other people in the car were injured.

There is no word as to the cause of the crash or who was driving when it occurred, so we aren't sure that it was related to exhaustion. No matter what, it's incredibly depressing that the 19-year old who joined A&M last year is no longer with us.

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