Texan Suburban crashes into Ferrari California

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A driver in a 1987 Chevy Suburban darted through a traffic light near Galveston, Texas this morning and struck a local developer in a Ferrari California. This occurred curiously close to where a certain Bugatti Veyron crashed. Anyone seen a low-flying pelican?

When you hear about a wreck occurring with a 71-year-old in a Ferrari your first guess is driver error, but in this case the driver who erred was the man carrying a family in his old Suburban. The poor Ferrari (and an F-150) was just a victim.

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The Ferrari owner is a local developer who cashed out on his redevelopment of the Kemah Boardwalk and sold to restaurant mogul Tilman Fertitta who has made a habit of buying people's favorite restaurants and marginalizing them. The driver had to be extracted from the car but he's in good condition. Not so much for the California.

(Hat tip to Andrew!)

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I feel bad for people like the guy in the Suburban. He could have just as easily hit a damn Honda Civic, but it was a Ferrari. Now he owes a bajillion more dollars than he could have for doing EXACTLY the same thing. I say that if people are going to drive expensive cars around, they should be required to take a certain amount of responsibility. There should be a set limit of $10,000 or so that the actual at-fault driver is responsible for. If the damage exceeds that, the damn rich guy in the supercar can most definitely afford it, and it's his own damn fault he was driving a California and not a Corolla or whatever.