Test Will Ensure Celebs Are Ready To Drive, Hit Lampposts

In taking a shot at the poor driving abilities and even poorer decision-making skills of many celebs, MSN Autos columnist Lawrence Ulrich has devised a written driving test that should weed out those A-listers who have no business behind the wheel of that Lambo/Ferrari/Benz. Ulrich's questions include fill-in-the-blanks for what average speed a Lamborghini hits a lamppost at, how far from the dealership an owner will get before hitting a lamppost and how far the owner will run before being apprehended for hitting said lamppost. There's also matching and multiple choice questions to offset the mind-numbing answers that Ulrich would likely get for his essay question: Why are hockey players such lousy drivers? Would they be better off driving on ice? [MSN Autos]

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