Tesla Reportedly Trying To Give Owners More Stuff To Do While Charging Their Cars

Photo credit: Ben Rushton/Stringer/Getty Images
Photo credit: Ben Rushton/Stringer/Getty Images

Perhaps in an attempt to make the time Tesla owners spend publicly charging their cars more worthwhile, reports are that the company could add a car-wash system to its Supercharger stations. But, if the reports are accurate, it would cost owners about $40 for each wash. What a bargain!


How many things could one Tesla owner buy for the price of each wash? Well, let’s see—four months of Netflix access, 240 bottles of water, a round of golf, a day pass during an extended stay at Disney World, a nice steak dinner and the complete series of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! on DVD.

If you’re still interested, Electrek cited sources familiar with the matter as saying that Tesla has a potential partnership with Eco Green Auto Clean in the works. The company claims to clean cars with less than a cup of water per wash, using microfiber towels—which, admittedly, are great—and a biodegradable wash spray. Electrek reports that Tesla is testing the service at its Supercharger station at the Fremont factory, and could bring it to other stations if well received.

The washes themselves would be a subscription service, according to Electrek, with prices being $80 each month for the Model S and $90 for the Model X. If the company stays true to its vision, hopefully the prices for the Model 3 would be a bit cheaper. When asked, Electrek reported that a Tesla spokesperson had nothing to share about the service at this point.

Whether Tesla goes through with the program or not, that’s a lot of money to pay for some productivity at the charging station. Perhaps Tesla owners should just bring a work laptop—or every season of Scooby-Doo!, since they’d have the extra money laying around to make that worthwhile investment.

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I’m still on my rant that they should partner with Starbucks. People can kill 40 minutes in a Starbucks or a restaurant no problem.

Also if they put in a mini-golf course at the local Drive-In they could charge Tesla’s by day and night.

Honestly tho’ what America really needs is Tesla supercharging stations next to a 24 hour fitness. Go in and get your workout or take a shower, sauna, swim as you cross the country.