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​Tesla Model X Prototype Caught Wearing Darth Vader Camo

Illustration for article titled ​Tesla Model X Prototype Caught Wearing Darth Vader Camo

Tesla said today that it has around 30 "beta" versions of the Model X running around, and it didn't take long for shots of Tesla's new SUV to surface.


A member of the Tesla Motors Club snagged the photos from Kosh K's Facebook page, showing the electric crossover running around just west of Tesla's Fremont, CA factory. The camouflage isn't exactly complimentary, particularly from the rear, but that's what it's for.


Musk said during this evening's earnigns call that the Model X's design was done, so now it's onto validation, starting with these betas before sales supposedly begin later this year.

Thanks Erik!

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When are we all just going to admit that the Model S and this upcoming Model X look bland as shit? Like Musk hired the guy who came up with the bubble ford taurus and the early 2000's Corolla and asked them to make a car that looked like a Kia before the Dutch guy came along.

Maybe it has to do with the whole electric car architecture, but they could at least make something that looks exciting. And the Roadster doesn't count because it's an Elise.