Electric cars may have a green, liberal image, and Tesla itself is based in a consistently blue part of California. Maybe that's why Model S owners can't resist the irony of reading the Drudge Report from the driver's seat.

Analytics firm Quantcast decided to look into what people were going on the Internet for with the Model S's standard web browser, in the same way they'd see how many people are still trying to use Netscape or something. Views to Matt Drudge's news site popular with conservative voters made up 10 percent of all page views with the Tesla browser. Still, that's a healthy chunk of readership, so maybe the Model S really transcends all politics. Maybe.


Finance news sites made up 13 percent, about twice the share they normally have among all Internet users, according to Quantcast. It's a $100,000 luxury car after all.

Oh, and because it's a California-made electric car, sites about surfing were also visted a lot among Tesla owners. See, some stereotypes hold up.

Other interesting data came from the time of day most people got on their Tesla Internet. There were predominant spikes between 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Those sound like times where traffic is terrible because commutes

But as long as you're not reading Drudge AND driving at the same time.

Photo via Getty Images