Don't you just hate it when your car unintentionally accelerates forward and crashes into stuff even though that's the opposite of what you wanted to happen? That's the situation this 71-year-old Tesla Model S driver found herself in on Friday morning when her car crashed into a Camarillo, California seafood restaurant.

According to the Ventura County Star, the woman was trying to park in front of the Lure Fish House restaurant when she became a victim of the unintended acceleration, just like all those Audi and Toyota drivers.

The woman said she put her foot on the brake but her vehicle went forward instead, ­officials ­said. Four people were in the car at the time but were not injured. The patio area was not open to restaurant patrons at ­the ­time.


We've documented some of the early quality issues plaguing the Model S, but unintended acceleration was not one of them. Could it have been another pedal mixup? That's entirely possible.

At any rate, this seafood restaurant has a fun new decoration inside. Maybe they can make it into a table like those 50s-style diners do to old Cadillacs.


Photo credit theshubinite via Instagram