Holy cow, is this the Tesla Model 3? It doesn’t look exactly like a Model X, and it’s definitely not a Model S. Is this it? Update: A Tesla spokesperson has reached out and confirmed that this is in fact a Model X.


This image on photographer Anton Watt’s Instagram page, sent to us by a reader via email, doesn’t quite look like a Model X, and definitely isn’t a Model S. So is it a Model 3? (Update: no.)

The headlights look smoother and squintier than anything else Tesla, and from this angle it definitely looks lower than the Model X. (Update: just a low angle, I guess.)


We can’t say for sure (Update: yes we can, it’s not the 3), but we’ll be finding out when Tesla holds the live reveal at 11:30 p.m. EST later today. Tune in, we’ll be covering it.

BIG shout out to The Glass Eye!