Ten Old Cars That Still Look New

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Some cars just look right, no matter when they're from. These ten, chosen by you haven't been made for a few years, but still look as good today as they did when they were new.

This is Answers of the Day - a feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!


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Photo Credit: Feil


10.) BMW Z8

Suggested By: LeadfootYT

Why It Looks Good As New: Even though the Z8 is a decade old, it still looks like a spaceship. Designed before Chris Bangle got his flame-surfaced paws over everything, the Z8 was mostly Henrik FIsker's creation, and so its design cues are much more timeless. It doesn't have the weird cuts and bulges we all attribute to Mr. Bangle, and that's what makes the difference.


9.) Third Generation Mazda RX-7

Suggested By: unimus

Why It Looks Good As New: The RX-7 uses the classic long nose, set-back greenhouse design structure, and that's what has kept it looking so contemporary. That and the clean lines. There are seemingly no sharp edges anywhere on this car. Though the front end resembles that of the NA Miata, it makes it look bigger and more solid than its convertible counterpart.


8.) Honda S2000

Suggested By: XScarAudio

Why It Looks Good As New: Looking just as angry and insect-like as the day it rolled off the assembly line, the S2000 till looks great because it was taken from us too soon. Honda, there's no reason you can't bring the old S2000 back, or at least get a new one cooking for us that's not an overweight hybrid. In the meantime though, we'll enjoy the high-revving, quick handling, and great looking S2000 that we have now.


7.) Ford GT40

Suggested By: jakebonz

Why It Looks Good As New: Ford's already done it once to rave reviews, so clearly you're right on the mark with this one. Everybody likes the way the GT40 looks, (even Ferrari fans) because it looked like nothing else back then, and still looked like nothing else when it was re-released in the 2000's.


6.) Porsche 911

Suggested By: spiegel1

Why It Looks Good As New: Porsche's 911 has looked so good during its already decades-long life that they've done little to change it. Sure, it's grown up a bit, packed on more than a few pounds, but if you showed it to someone from 1963, I'll bet they'd still immediately recognize it. Hey, if it's worked for the last forty-odd years, why change it now?


5.) Acura NSX

Suggested By: Allradantrieb

Why It Looks Good As New: When it was first released, the NSX was so restrained and so subdued that it became the classy alternative to a 355 or Lamborghini. And now, today, after a couple of rounds of slight visual tweaks and performance increases, it's still so sneaky that I still miss them driving by from time to time. The car just blends in so well, it's impossible for it to not still look amazing.


4.) Jaguar XK

Suggested By: yapsey

Why It Looks Good As New: It looked like a baby Aston Martin when it debuted in 1996, and still looks like one today, which isn't a bad thing at all. In coupe form, its curves are timeless. As a convertible, it still looks classy. Sure, it might have a little too much Ford mixed in with it's Aston Martin, but I'm willing to let it slide for a car that looks this good so many years later.


3.) Jeep Cherokee

Suggested By: SynthOno

Why It Looks Good As New: The Cherokee provided the blueprint for the modern SUV, but did it in a way that was still rugged. And it happened to look the part too, which helped. The straight-cut, boxy design screams "I can get through that mud better than you," so it's no shocker that every car company and their mom aped parts of it to stick on their new soft-road offerings. The fact that there's still so many of them out there helps, too.


Photo credit: About.com


2.) Mini

Suggested By: KofreZ

Why It Looks Good As New: Much like Ford's GT40, clearly the Mini still has a place in people's hearts. But we feel that if not for new pedestrian safety laws and more airbags, BMW could have brought back the Mini as it was for decades before, and still had a hit. It's too cute not too.


1.) Lotus Seven

Suggested By: Dominic Chan

Why It Looks Good As New: Considering that the basic shape of the car hasn't changed since Colin Chapman first penned it in 1957, the Seven has held up remarkably well. The little upgrades and changes made by companies like Caterham who now produce it have kept it current: what modern day super car wouldn't have carbon fiber? LED lights? Scoops? Exactly. The Seven now has all these things, and still looks awesome. Mr. Chapman would have been proud.


Photo credit: Sports Car Advisors