Carmakers aren't always sure what we want, so this time we're telling them loud and clear. These ten great classics have a recipe for success. If you're in the car business, just get a pencil and start copying.

10.) AMC Eagle

The whole idea, but especially the SX-4. An AWD coupe wagon with a manual that won't crap itself from seeing a dirt road. Subaru keeps teasing but never delivers.

Suggested By: ChrisFu, Photo Credit: aldenjewell

9.) Porsche 928

Having a Porsche 928 was undoubtably better than air travel, and they would end up with a new one by simply chopping off some of the Panamera's fat.

Suggested By: Braking Bad, Photo Credit: Porsche

8.) Karmann Ghia

A cheap and economical two-seater designed by an outsider but built to Volkswagen standards. Slow is acceptable as long as it looks this good.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: Hugo90

7.) Pontiac Fiero

Wild Weasel is totally right, GM should come up with something like the Fiero was:

This. Or something like it. GM needs a little 2-seater to compete with the MX5. They had one with the Solstice/Sky, but hey... if you're gonna get in this game, why not do so with some nostalgia and a mid-engine config to make it stand out.

Suggested By: Wild Weasel, Photo Credit: GM

6.) Suzuki Samurai

The Suzuki Samurai might have had a reputation for being a bit on the death trap side, but it was small, light and surprisingly capable off-road. Don't tell me we can't do basic better than the latest Jeep.

Suggested By: DRobin78, Photo Credit: aldenjewell

5.) Audi Quattro

Audi makes big Quattro cars now that can win horsepower wars, but none of them are true classics except maybe for the first RS6 Avant. There were many rather useless concepts, and if something makes it into production, it's a limited edition.

We want a compact Quattro.

Suggested By: , Photo Credit: Auto Motor Sport

4.) Ford Capri

Hot Focuses are nice, but imagine a rear-wheel drive Ford coupe that's smaller than a Mustang!

On the other side, Chevy could use a new, much improved Vega too.

Suggested By:ReverendDexter, Photo Credit: Ford Europe

3.) Volvo 240

More and more turbos are coming, and Volvo is in trouble. The answer to the problem is simple. Rear-wheel drive cars with a manual and turbo power, possibly with a wagon body. That's what everybody expects from the company.

Suggested By:mcseanerson, Photo Credit: Keijo Knutas

2.) Nissan Silvia

Nissan is full of ideas but what's still missing is a car against the Scion FR-S. If it drifts, we have a winner.

Suggested By: Braking Bad, Photo Credit: Hugo90

1.) Chevrolet El Camino

The answer isn't always Miata.

Suggested By:burglar can't heart click anything, Photo Credit: Hugo90

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