Nürburgring lap records and 0-60 times are cool, but they don’t make or break a car. Here are ten cars that have more to them than just some numbers.

10.) Mazda Miata

Answer to everything, and all that. The obvious choice. Moving on.

Suggested By: Wheelerguy, Photo Credit: DW Burnett/Puppyknuckles

9.) Porsche 944


It’s the poor person’s Porsche, and by that, we mean a lot of these have been turned into delicious track day weirdos. And even if you don’t take it to the track, it’s still a Porsche. You can’t quantify that.

Suggested By: Scootin159, Photo Credit: Aaron Brown

8.) VW Beetle


For many people, including two Jalopnik writers, the Beetle has been not only a cheap method of semi-reliable transport, but also an automotive companion. One of those writers, Jason, found out just how little his Beetle cares about numbers when he competed in an Ultimate Street Car Competition.


Suggested By: As D Volant, Photo Credit: FotoSleuth

7.) VW Golf GTI Mk1


The original GTI embodies everything a hot hatch is supposed to be. A small, quirky, quick and practical car with a personality. It isn’t about about getting somewhere fast or impressing people. The Mk1 GTI is a car that could be used any time necessary, for any purpose, and still offer an enthused and enjoyable experience for the driver.

Suggested By: auxnbus, Photo Credit: Tony Harrison via Flickr

6.) Volvo 240 Wagon


It might not look like much on the outside, but Volvo 240 Wagons molded lives and shaped enthusiasts from early childhood. Reader BTDUBS recalls memories from his 240:

Anybody who grew up with or owned a Volvo 240 wagon. Sure the Turbos were fast in their day, but most of us never got to own one. This car was all about being smart on the inside and handsome in their own way. They were bulletproof and could haul anything. More importantly, how many of us had this as a first car? How many of us went on road trips with our families? How many of us hauled our friends around to the beach or on endless drives? How many of us got our first kisses in this car. The intangibles on this car are endless. Now I am tearing up remembering mine.


Suggested By: BTDUBS, Photo Credit: nakhon100 via Flickr

5.) BMW i8


The BMW i8 represents what we have to look forward to in the near-future of automotive technological progression. Who cares what numbers it puts down? It’s an iconic car with an iconic design, fun to drive and offers a glimpse of what’s to come for automotive enthusiasts.

Suggested By: I love you but I’ve chosen hooning!, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove for Jalopnik


4.) Citroen 2CV


The 2CV may have only been equipped with as much as 33 HP from the factory, but that didn’t seem to matter for most of the 3,800,000 people that bought them. Even Chris Harris has one!

Suggested By: highbury, Photo Credit: Tine Steiss via Flickr

3.) Porsche Cayman


Because of Porsche’s desire to slot the Cayman in right below the 911, it has always been a car designed to leave its occupants extremely satisfied, but maybe not the fastest around the track. The Cayman GT4 might change that.


Suggested By: Kaizer Soze, Photo Credit: SuperCar-RoadTrip.fr via Flickr

2.) Morgan 3 Wheeler


There is truly nothing else on the road that can deliver the same experience as the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Reader .jdb. can explain:

The Morgan 3wheeler. Horsepower was...oh, who cares. It doesn’t matter. Top speed? Yeah, it probably goes pretty quickly. Numbers do not matter with this car. From everything I’ve read, just sitting in the damn thing will induce a grin that will last for hours after you’ve walked away; driving it would make the stuffiest, boringest person say “WHEEE!” .... and when you pull up anywhere, people assume you’re some sort of reclusive, eccentric billionaire.


Suggested By: .jdb., Photo Credit: Tavarish for Jalopnik

1.) Jeep Wrangler


Since its inception, the Wrangler and its predecessors have always been about usability, capability and practicality. These are design characteristics that still shine through in today’s examples. Yes, there’s ground clearance, wading depth and so on, but there’s so much more to the Wrangler than how far it can submerge itself.

Suggested By: ezeolla, Photo Credit: Jeep via Jalopnik

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Top Photo Credit: DW Burnett/Puppyknuckles