Pontiac's Firebird has been a staple of 'Merican hoons ever since Burt Reynolds, our favorite mustachioed star, drove one in Smokey and the Bandit, but we're not the only ones fascinated with the flaming chicken.

Amid all the recent political uproar, car enthusiasts in Tehran, Iran still have something good to live for and it's not the new Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722GT Type R Chrome Edition. No, there's a unique group of individuals that have fallen in love with the Pontiac Firebird. As it turns out, cruising in any one of the various vintage 'Birds — or any car really — is one of the very few outlets for young men to meet women in Iran due to very strict rules regarding male/female interaction. We applaud this crew for everything they stand for because at the end of the day, vintage American muscle knows no borders. (Hat Tip To Taylor!)

[via The Atlantic]