When we heard that a team called "Cajun JiHad" was signed up for the 24 Hours Of LeMons New Orleans, we thought "Sure hope these guys have the costumes to go with that great name!"

Team Cajun Jihad Makes Big Impression On Infidel Judges, Chances For World Peace Set Back Decades

We needn't have worried. We went through most of the day's BS Inspections, and by late afternoon we'd started to think that maybe the Cajun Jihadis weren't even going to show up. Then we noticed a commotion at the other end of the paddock: wailing music cranking from PA speakers mounted on the roof of a desert-camo Mitsubishi and a bunch of AK47-wielding, burlap-sack-wearing, fake-bearded lunatics performing some sort of choreographed dance routine... and headed our way. "It must be Cajun Jihad!" we rejoiced!

It's so incredibly wrong, on so many levels, yet how could we not love the Cajun Jihadis? From the lobstercrawfish-with-rifle stencils on their burlap sacks to the cartwheels, these guys made perhaps the best initial impression that any LeMons team has ever made upon first appearance at the tech inspection. Even when their not-so-safe roll cage failed the inspection and they were sentenced to an all-nighter of metal cutting-and-pasting, they didn't issue whine one (unlike some other teams we won't name). In fact, they went back into their assault-rifle dance routine as they headed to their pit space to get to work. We're definitely looking forward to seeing how the Jihad does on the track tomorrow morning!