Teacher Serves O'Doul's To Fifth-Graders For Colonial History Lesson

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Apparently unaware of the wide availability of Vernor's, Faygo Ginger Ale and other ale-mimicking substances in Michigan, an elementary school staff is under fire after one of its teachers served students O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer for a history lesson.


A teacher at Hyatt Elementary School in Linden wanted to emphasize how awful conditions were during colonial times, according to the Flint Journal. Since clean water wasn't readily available, colonial settlers often drank beer.

The teacher brought bottles of O'Doul's to class to let the students taste. Drinking O'Doul's wasn't necessary for the students or anyone really but some students did partake and three students took bottles of the beer home.


O'Doul's has an alcoholic content of less than 0.5% but here in Michigan it's a misdemeanor to serve any beverage with even a tiny amount of alcohol to minors.

No disciplinary action has been taken against the teacher.

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