Why The Taurus SHO Is Better Than The Bugatti Veyron (This Message Is Approved By Conan O'Brien)

-It is waaaay more practical

-You can share your fun with more than 1 person.

-Unlike the Veyron, It can be converted into a wagon

-Unlike the Veyron, it can come with a Manual Transmission

-Lastly, the Taurus SHO has one of the best sounding V6's this side of the Alfa Romeo "Arese" V6

-Unlike the Veyron, the SHO doesn't look like an ugly warted toad

Continue reading for more reasons as to why the Taurus SHO is better than the Veyron:

Taurus SHO Owner Conan O'Brien Unimpressed With Simon Cowell's Bugatti

Noted Ford Taurus SHO enthusiast Conan O'Brien welcomed judge of musical capability/human life's worth Simon Cowell to his late-night show to talk about, among other things, expectant fatherhood and cars.

We've documented Cowell's expansive taste in big and fast cars like the Caterham Se7ven CSR and the Bugatti Veyron. He's also got a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a customized Ford Model B. And for whatever reason, a modded Smart ForTwo.

O'Brien noted that none of those vehicles, as fine as they may be, are conducive to kids. I don't know. We've will-it-babied some off-the-wall choices for toddlers before and they seem to work out fine.

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