When Ford announced it would revive the Taurus nameplate on its large sedan, execs claimed that the simple change would bring back valuable name recognition to boost sales. Now that sales figures have confirmed people don't buy cars because of the name that's on the back, on what can Ford blame the struggling sales? Name recognition. That's right. The same reason Ford switched the name from Five Hundred to Taurus in the first place is being used as a scapegoat for slogging sales. Even some dealers are still calling the Taurus, Mercury Sable and Ford Taurus X crossover by their old names: Five Hundred, Montego and Freestyle. But more important, the renamed trio launched with the marketing power of a water pistol. Along with the updated names, all three models received significant improvements, including much-needed powertrain enhancements. But instead of hyping the new features that made the cars more engaging rides, Ford came up with a safety ad that includes a crying toddler. We wonder if Ford's new marketing chief, Jim Farley, knew what he was getting himself into. [AutoObserver]