Tata Nano Tester Spotted Amid Rumors Of December Launch

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Amateur spy shooters in the right place at the right time snagged these great photos of the Tata Nano undergoing testing — revealing the interior for the first time since the Geneva show. The micro-sized $2,500 "people's car" being championed by Indian industrial giant Ratan Tata faces an uphill battle after its nearly completed West Bengal factory was shuttered as a result of farmer protests stemming from disagreements surrounding compensation for land the factory was built on. Despite the temporary setback, work continues and rumor has it the company is set to launch base models coming from the automaker's existing Pune and Pantnagar plants on Ratan Tata's 71st birthday — December 28th. So far these rumors remain unconfirmed, however company officials state they are exploring the possibility of production at other facilities. We'll just have to keep an ear to the ground.
[IndiaCarTimes, Team-BHP]

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Raphael Orlove

It seems as if industrial giants have now found a new way to oppress the poor: mind-crushingly dull interiors.