Tastefully Customized Rolls-Royce Corniche Could Be Yours!

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We're a little torn over this gold-plated, flamed, continental-kitted '76 Corniche. While we approve in principle, we have a few quibbles. First, it's not low enough. Second, gold-plated hubcaps? Come on, if we can put a man on the moon, there must be some way to make spinner wire wheels. Third, where's the 8-71 sticking through the bonnet? Then there's the matter of the 1985-vintage "car phone" antennas on the decklid. Your opinion counts, so make the jump and make your voice heard! [eBay Motors]


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Rob Emslie

The continental kit makes it look a bit like an old Roadmaster from the back.

The vertical flames on the boot lid-rear valance, implying some sort of Lucas-electrical fire do it for me. I'd like to see a gold-plated boomerang antenna on the truck lid, and my expectation is that the horn plays la cucaracha at the very least.