Taste The Excitement! Jerry York's Resignation Is Kirk Kerkorian's First Step In All-Out War Against The General?

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Ok, we're still digesting this one but it seems that we shouldn't be worried about who'll be bringing the fire to shove under Rick's backside after GM Board member Jerry "Peppermint Patty" York announced his resignation earlier today. The fire's still there — and it's in the form of a potential hostile takeover. According to long-tie industry journalist Bill Vlasic at the Detroit News, the "resignation by York is a clear sign Kerkorian, who owns 9.9 percent of the company, is gearing up for an all-out attack on GM Chairman Rick Wagoner and the automaker's board of directors." Does anyone know if a proxy fight's like a slap fight? Because if it is, this could get real entertaining, real quick.

York quits GM board; signals Kerkorian gearing up for attack on GM [Detroit News]


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I still think that he looks like Magneto from the X-Men movies. Which somehow transformed into how i perceive the guy. I almost feel like his heart is in the right place, but is going about it the wrong way, kinda like Magneto and the whole mutant vs humans thing.