While the sheer terror of Group B Rally machines is documented with well deserved awe we like to root for the underdogs and unsung oddballs of the automobile world - some more oddball and unsung than others. Look not so closely to see numerous Ford Sierra Cosworths laughing like hyenas as they push tarmac sliding power through blow off valves and wastegates. Ford Sierras were hardly sold here in the states as a Merkur Xr4ti with a turbocharged SOHC 2.3L Ford mill under the hood. Look more closely to see a few NSU Prinz 1000's assing their way around corners, openly mocking their inner Bruce. Peer most carefully to witness a Starion wide body run a little wide, and not of its body.

Group B; Another Ass-Engined Nazi Slot Car: The NSU Prinz 4! [Internal]


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